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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Flat Belt Conveyor, Food Handling Conveyors, Food Conveyor Belt, Conveyor Belt System from Pune, Maharashtra, India.
These are Flat Belt Conveyors are suitable for continuous heavy-duty applications and the movement of large and bulky products. These versatile conveyors are available in various specifications and are provided with a multitude of options, like - belt, drive, tail, stand and rail options. Our customized variety in belt conveyors includes inclined flat and cleat belt that are designed to meet the defined process demand.

• Total length ofconveyor is15m.
• Beltconveyor isused to easyand swift flow of files.

There are two main stages of this conveyor.
1) Feeder 2) Gluedropper machine

Feeder: Feeder move up and down to allow only one file to proceed on to the conveyor.
Glue dropper machine: This machine drops the glue on specific position with the help of sensor.